Comment on WordPress Autoblog Plugins by SEO Dave.

WordPress Wprobot Autoblog Plugin Since you say the SEO Super Comments plugin is a “gimmick” plugin, does this mean you don’t recommend your Auto Blog Blueprint Members use it?

I’ve been using an edited version of the SEO Super Comments WordPress Plugin for over a year now and it’s generating search engine traffic.

My version is a lot better than the original SEO Super Comments plugin, amongst other new SEO features you can set the title element of the comment pages.

Onpage SEO wise there’s nothing more important than the title element (title tag) and the original SEO Super Comments plugin used the title of the original post: that’s not ideal because you generally don’t want dozens of pages with the same title element.

My Stallion version of the SEO Super Comments plugin uses the Comment Titles that you see on this page (from the Hikari Comment Title Plugin : also built into Stallion). Your commenter’s can set a Comment Title which will be used as the title element on the comment posts.

If a commenter doesn’t add a decent comment title the site owner can add one later without editing the body of the comment. I’m taking lots of long tail SERPs that I’ve not covered in main posts using this technique. For example there’s a good chance this comment will gain SERPs related to “SEO Super Comments WordPress Plugin” which is the comment title I’ve set.