Comment on WordPress Autoblog Plugins by Mike Johnson.

WordPress Wprobot Autoblog Plugin I am not trying to bash, I am only making a point. Your Theme is very SEO Friendly I am sure, but I wouldn’t use it because I don’t personally like how generic it looks. I think it looks like an Auto Blogging theme. My personal opinion. No bashing.

What I like to use are themes which make my Auto Blogs look like and operated like any other blog would. With Google in 2011, you have to be more particular about how you do things.

That is why I call plugins like SEO Super Comments “gimmick” plugins. They use gimmicky tactics to improve SEO. The reality is, the single best way to do SEO is through a dedicated Keyword Management plan of action. How you use your Primary and Related Keywords on your Blogs or Auto Blogs will determine your success more than a single theme or slice of code will. My plugin list is very different from yours and I use some of the most Advanced Auto Blogging plugins available, but I do not advertise this list publicly beyond my Membership.

I have around 5500+ Active Members in my Auto Blog Blueprint Membership right now and more are being added every day. It is over 18 months old and I am now on Version 3.0 because I have adjusted and modified my approach based on a huge amount of active testing and results based information.

Yes, you need to have a relatively clean coded theme in order to maintain site speed and allow the GoogleBot to flow through your site, but you can enhance this by dictating flow in your WordPress SEO plugin and your Robots.txt file. You try to obtain a quality level of proper Keyword Density in your Targeted Money Pages/ Posts and then you use your Categories and Tags to establish a baseline inner linking strategy, SEO Smart Links to target those Money Pages with the Keyword links on your site (from your automated content), and then you do the same thing with your External Linking as well.

All of this will mean a lot more to your overall Ranking than anything. Keyword Management and Focus tells Google which pages on your site are the most important, but more importantly, it tells Google what Keywords your Important and Targeted Money Pages should Rank for. This is the same for any Blog, but it works great for Auto Blogs.

I don’t pay for Traffic to Auto Blogs either and never would. it defeats the purpose. I hold tons of number #1 positions and have almost 140 current Auto Blogs. On a daily basis, I can receive anywhere from 100 Visitors to some of my Blogs to just over 2000 on some others.

To sit here and say, “I get over 60,000 Visitors per day” to my blogs is a huge misnomer because this is and always will be based on the specific keywords a blog is optimized for and the amount of visitors those keywords get to Google on a Daily basis, the popularity of the Niche, and the placement in the SERPs, right?

For some keywords Ranked at #1 in some niches, I get only 40-60 clicks per day, but because of the nature of the Niche, most of these Visitors are actively looking to Buy and it is one of my most profitable blogs.

So you can have 1 Million Visitors each day, but if the niche isn’t right and the site isn’t right, it won’t matter anyways. I don’t want to have perfect SEO and then have everyone come to my Blog and immediately “Bounce” away.

I know you have a great deal of knowledge here and I don’t want to take anything away from that, but having a lot of SEO knowledge doesn’t always translate to Marketing knowledge. I made over $46,000 with my almost 140ish Blogs in March and I think I am really close to that for April as well (still waiting on refunds, etc).

This is why we have 2 very different mindsets on how to go about this.