Comment on WordPress AdSense Themes by SEO Dave.

Google AdSense Ads Talian 05 includes 6 built in AdSense ad units (3 content and 3 search based) by default which is the maximum number of AdSense ad units you can use on a page.

You could still use an AdSense plugin, but you’d need to disable the number of ad units per page added by the AdSense WordPress plugin via the adsense.php file (see file for instructions).

Or if you don’t want Talian to deal with the AdSense side of your site at all it can be disabled completely via the Talian options page (tick a box and AdSense is turned off).

In the next update of Talian you’ll be able to turn off specific ads via the built in options menu rather than edit the adsense.php file.

There’s a fair amount of control over the AdSense ads built into Talian 05 and they are placed by default in the best areas for making money, but if you want to use an AdSense plugin instead it’s easy to achieve.