Comment on WordPress AdSense Themes by SEO Dave.

Google AdSense Ads Depends what you mean by remove a theme sidebar, if it’s replace it with an Amazon ad similar to one of the sidebar AdSense ads you could do that by adding an Amazon ad code as a text widget and only add that as the sidebar under widgets.

If you mean reduce Talian down to a single sidebar theme, yes it’s possible, but it’s going to need a LOT of custom code work (I can’t help you with that level of customisation). You’ll also run into problems when I send out the free updates, you’ll have to make the changes again if you want the new features.

Removing the large AdSense ad that floats in the middle of the content is relatively easy.

Load the adsense.php file into a text editor and disable that ad.


$FirstAd = array(11,2,0,0,1);


$FirstAd = array(11,2,1,0,1);

Save the file and upload to your site using FTP.