Comment on WordPress AdSense Themes by SEO Dave.

Google AdSense Ads Currently Talian 05 doesn’t include Chitika ads, but I did run myself off a custom version (that means I hacked the code just to get it working, AKA was a mess and not fit for release) of Talian with Chitika as a replacement for AdSense for a site that wasn’t suitable for AdSense.

Currently not using that version of the theme as now testing out a custom ad system where it shows ads I’ve generated from a Shareasale datafeed (not performing particularly well to be honest, Chitika was better).

I’ve been thinking about adding Chitika and other ad platforms to Talian so one theme with as many ad platforms as I can code into it, but the current Talian code format means every file for those ad platforms need loading even if you don’t use them (having 3+ ad platforms code loaded even if you only use AdSense would be a performance hit for no gain). Was thinking about it a few days back and thought of a solution, so will probably add Chitika to Talian 05 in the future without it having an impact on performance (will improve performance for those who use only one or no ad platforms). It’s a fair amount of code work and I have other features to add first, so no date for implementing this (on the list though and will be sent out free to all Talian customers).