Comment on WordPress AdSense Themes by SEO Dave.

Google AdSense Ads In Talian I had two AdSense content widgets, but it confused quite a lot of users, they’d add them all which meant they’d add 4 AdSense content ad units which breaks the AdSense T&C (you can add 3 content ad units). So in Stallion I went with only three content ad units with one being and AdSense widget. I was torn on this decision as I could see some users wanting two AdSense ads on the sidebars and one in the content.

If you’ve had a good look through the options pages you can probably imagine how many hours I’ve been coding to get all those features in working, was a heck of a job getting the three main ad networks to work together. So was on a self imposed release deadline which I went over by over a month :-) Now I have more time I’ll look into being able to use at least two of the AdSense content ad units on the sidebars (don’t want to add a fourth content ad unit to reduce problems).

For moving the “Movable content Ad” unit you’ll need to edit multiple files. Easiest way is probably to move the Next Page code rather than the AdSense code (the pagination code is less complex).

Search for


And that will find you the 4 files that use that code.

I would cut this code from where it is:

<div class="post-content extra-padding">
<?php if(function_exists('wp_pagenavi')): ?> <?php wp_pagenavi(); ?><?php else : ?><?php posts_nav_link(); ?><?php endif; ?>

And scroll down the page until you find the AdSense code and paste it below it.

you’ll want to add it above the

<?php else: ?>

Just below the AdSense code.

That should put the AdSense ads where you want them. This assumes you are only running AdSense ads and wasn’t also wanting the AdSense ads above Chitika and Clickbank ads.

After I write the tutorials thinking about video tutorials. My youngest son has all the software needed to do this installed on his PC (I don’t, not made a video tutorial before) and he might be making some videos for his site so he can promote Stallion and make some more money (he already has some of my Stallion SERPs!). I’ve rushed this update out, so not had time to write tutorials yet.

BTW be careful with editing files, I’ve added copy protection to Stallion so it can’t be easily copied. None of the basic WordPress template files are affected (so the usual files a person might edit can be safely edited). The options and ad network files are protected, if they are edited/deleted it breaks Stallion. When you load the files in an editor you’ll know which ones aren’t safe to edit.

Hate having to add protection, but Stallion is by far the best WordPress SEO theme and a damn good ad theme and as I’m expecting a lot of interest because of the Clickbank affiliate program it would only be a matter of time before it was copied or added to Torrents.