Comment on WordPress AdSense Themes by SEO Dave.

Google AdSense Ads Easy one to solve :-)

You’ve made a mistake in the way you added the AdSense code to the Stallion theme.

You’ve added an entire AdSense ad unit to the Channel box. You’ve also not added your AdSense pub-number over mine in the Adsense publisher Id box.

All you add is this to the Stallion AdSense box on the main Stallion options page, the Stallion theme does the rest:


If you want to use Ad channels you would add just this


I think that’s your Ad channel code for the ad you tried to add.

To an ad channel box on the Stallion Adsense options page to track an ad location. If you aren’t looking to track specifc ads, add nothing to that box.

See Stallion WordPress Theme AdSense Setup for detailed instructions.

The reason why your custom ad image isn’t working is because the URL to the image doesn’t exist (the image doesn’t exist). Try pasting the link you’ve added to the image in a browser and it loads a page that says:

Sorry, that page was not found.

Did you delete the image off Picasaweb?

I don’t have a traffic generating plugin to recommend, if you are looking for search engine traffic there’s a free plugin at WordPress SEO Plugins that can help generate free backlinks, the Copyfeed plugin will add links to your site from sites that scrape your content.