Comment on WordPress AdSense Themes by SEO Dave.

Google AdSense Ads That’s exactly why I added the Content Ad Widget area under Appearance >> Widgets, I just haven’t got around to using it on my own sites!

Try dropping one of the Stallion Clickbank Affiliate Banner widgets into the Content Ad Widget area as a test and you’ll see exactly what you want :-) You can also use the Custom Ad Widget for adding a banner ad to that widget as well.

I have a script I used on the Joke site for rotating affiliate products on the sidebar a while back (didn’t do well at all), considered adding it to Stallion, but it wasn’t easy to use.

Probably with minor changes the 125px ad widget code could be adapted to work in that area with up to 20 rotating banner ads. Right now it’s got float clear code at the bottom so doesn’t float like the AdSense ads. You want a quick fix edit ttk_125px-ads.php and comment out (add a # to the start of the line)

echo "<div class="clear"></div>nn";

Add say 3 ads to the 125px ad page and set the number of ads to show to 1. Put the 125px ad widget in the content ad widget area and you’ll have a left floated rotating banner ad with 3 ads. The image size for the 125px ad widget isn’t fixed at 125px so any size image ads can be used.