Wrote this Twitter marketing article in 2009, have added some updated information at the bottom in February 2014.

I signed up for Twitter around this time last year as part of an attempt to use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to make more money online through social network marketing.

After gaining thousands of Facebook friends (which was a pain to achieve) my first account was banned by Facebook: if you requested friends at a high rate you’d get a warning. Stop requesting friends for a while and the warning goes away and you can request more friends. Despite listening to those warnings my account was locked (still is)!

Signed up for a new Facebook account, but didn’t make any friend requests (probably have 10 friends now): Update 2014, make that over 1,000 Facebook friends. Do have 2 Facebook groups about AdSense Secrets and SEO Secrets with hundreds of members, but not doing anything with them as fell out with Facebook :)

At that time I also signed for Twitter, and started following related people (about 50 in total) but because of the Facebook problems got bored of social network marketing and forgot about it for about 10 months and did some real work.

Get More Twitter Followers

Twitter FollowersSigned in to my Twitter account late last month (this was in 2009 still) and found I had 300 followers!

Hmm, thought maybe I can do something with this after all. Used the Twitter search for friends box using keywords I’m interested in like: SEO, WordPress, AdSense, Money…. and when I found someone with similar interests followed them. I then followed the last 20 people who followed them (just the first page of their followers) and went to the next person on the Twitter search list.

In this way I was following people who had an interest in the sorts of stuff I’m interested in. Since I didn’t want to waste too much time on Twitter I’d follow 40 to 100 people at a time and go do some real work :)

Now because almost all the people I was following had recently followed someone else it meant they would know quite quickly I had followed them (there’s going to be a lot of inactive Twitter accounts, you don’t want to follow them).

I did this for about 2 weeks every few days, maybe following 500-1,000 people in total (I didn’t put a lot of effort into this really) and didn’t take much time at all. Each time I logged in I’d also check for new people following me on Twitter and follow them in return. Occasionally I’d post an update, usually linking to one of my articles.

Within the 2 week period I was followed by well over 1,000 people on Twitter and I was following a similar amount (I followed pretty much anyone who followed me except the obvious porn Twitter accounts).

I stopped searching for new people to follow about 2 weeks ago and logged in to Twitter every couple of days to check for new followers and would follow them, but no longer actively looked for more people to follow.

Right now I have over 2,000 followers on Twitter, 1,700+ of which was gained in under 1 month!

It would appear now I have over 1,000 Twitter followers there no real need to look for more as every day I have new followers, today I had 2 new pages (40 new Twitter followers).

I did some research on auto following Twitter followers, so when someone follows me I automatically follow them. I found various sites offering Twitter software that will auto follow, but apparently Twitter doesn’t like this, so I’m not going to auto follow (sucked when I lost my Facebook account!).

What I noticed about this auto Twitter software is they tend to also offer what I was doing, auto follow the first page of Twitter followers that you point the software at.

What this means is if you are regularly following/being followed by other Twitter users then those looking to follow/be followed will find you.

I plan to keep following those who follow me on Twitter and see how it goes.

Twitter Marketing Strategies?

Now I have over 2,000 Twitter followers what do I do with them?
Update 2014: now over 8,000 Twitter followers and still don’t really know what to do with them to make money.

The most obvious is to add small updates as I have been doing (about 10 this month) and link to relevant articles/products I promote. I hate the hard sell type marketing, if a product is worth buying it should all but sell itself (I’m brilliant at SEO, but useless at marketing :)).

I added a Twitter widget to the menu of my WordPress Themes Site and will probably add the Twitter widget to other sites.

Would be very interested to hear how others are using Twitter to make money?

If you are interested in the sort of stuff I’m interested in (SEO, AdSense, WordPress Themes, Making Money Online, Affiliate Marketing etc… ) feel free to Follow me on Twitter and I’ll follow you in return.

Twitter Update February 2014

Twitter Marketing Strategies

Right now (February 2014) I have over 8,000 Twitter followers, but haven’t monetized Twitter at all. I use various WordPress plugins to auto Tweet my articles, but I haven’t seen a great deal of traffic from Twitter due to the Tweeting despite over 1/4 million Tweets.

Not made any obvious money from Twitter traffic either, would appear I don’t know how to monetize Twitter. It’s easy to get more Twitter followers, the 8,000 I have took no effort at all, barely looked at Twitter in the past few years.

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