Comment on What is SEO? by SEO Dave.

What is SEO Optimization Hey Clayton,

Not really the place to discuss this, but I read some of the The-Complete-Syndication-Revelation.pdf file and wasn’t particularly impressed. It’s the usual waffle with little meat of how to actually achieve anything useful, I didn’t look in full detail, but they usually then go to some sort of paid course/membership to make your wallet a little lighter to gain information that’s freely available anyway.

The ones I find funny are advising how to make money by selling something and their proof is the sales from the course you are buying! So if I buy your course I prove your course works because I bought it, I don’t think so!

I’ve never paid for a course to learn anything about Internet marketing, not a member of any paid membership deals etc… in fact my only costs are domain registration and server costs and yet I know the vast majority of the sort of stuff talked about in these types of courses (I choose not to do a lot of it, limited time). There’s loads of places to learn from for free like DigitalPoint forum.

David Law