Stephen Hall at DLH Web Consultancy Ltd Negative SEO Threat

Stephen Hall at DLH Web Consultancy Ltd Negative SEO Threat

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I added the DLH Web Consultancy review as a WordPress comment (with title “DLH Web Consultancy Ltd Review”) to one of the articles on this site and after gaining high Google SERPs related to “DLH Web Consultancy Ltd Review” it generated a response from the owner of the business (Stephen Hall): he wasn’t happy, he even threatened me via Facebook with a negative SEO attack (see screenshot above)!

Forgot all about it until a couple of months back I noticed another SPAM email from what appeared to be the same company ( They appear to change their business name and sometimes their URL, but always the same business location (same area, this time 21 Gosford St, Middlesbrough, TS2 1BB and same people).

If I understand things correctly, technically/legally these are different businesses: “DLH Web Consultancy Ltd” is NOT technically/legally “Web Consultancy Group Ltd” even though they were run at the same address and by the same people and offer the same services. I believe this is how they managed to successfully generate a defamation complaint to Google. I’d made the mistake of stating “DLH Web Consultancy Ltd” (the old business, now closed) is the same business as “Web Consultancy Group Ltd” (the new business).

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