Lumen Defamation Claim to Google

Lumen Defamation Claim to Google

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I checked how the comment was performing on Google and found a “Defamation Complaint to Google” (, Google had removed the comment and some of the other comments related to the article from Google!!!

Legal Complaint

The articles contain several falsehoods. It relates to the company called DLH Web Consultancy Ltd, which is a totally separate company also this company has also legally closed. The author has, however, updated the articles to feature “AKA Web Consultancy Group”. As it is a different company and has nothing to do with the matters he refers to we believe this to be prejudicial against our business and request that they be removed from the website. We have contacted Fasthosts, where the server is and they provided us with an email for the host master, 3 email have since been sent with no reply. Further, the articles feature personal attacks against a lady, [redacted]and seek to embarrass her. The publication of certain information by [redacted] has caused [redacted] a great deal of anxiety and stress. Fact is, I work at Web Consultancy Group Limited, this is a totally separate company and has never been known as DLH Web Consultancy. This s …

Basically I no longer had the relevant review SERPs, the people behind DLH Web Consultancy Ltd had managed to hide a bad review!

See How I Fell Foul of a Google Defamation Claim for more details. SEO training tip, be very careful when reviewing limited companies, really annoying having your content blocked from Google organic search!

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