Comment on Donate to Charity by Aid Renegade.

Donate to Charity Ok SEO Dave, I know you may think I’m taking the p*** with this comment but it’s for a good cause! Anyone reading this please read Rachel Hunnicutt-Knight story! She is currently in a critical condition in a US hospital. Her (so called) life insurance wants an extra $80,000 for the treatment she is going through.

My blog post about her has links to her personal blog and Got, set up by a friend of the family who also happens to be connected with the ‘Best Of The Web’ directories. (think SEO)

I’ve already donated £20 ($30?) to her fund. No donation is to small & all donations are greatly appreciated.

(PS- sorry SEO Dave for trying to hi-jack your site but I’ve been using your theme for my blog for a couple of years / since V3 – Aid Renegade by ‘blog’ Aid Renegade by nature!)