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Top 5 SEO Tips Infographic JPG Format

Top 5 SEO Tips Free Infographic

Top 5 SEO Tips Free Infographic

Top 5 SEO Tips Infographic PNG Format

Top 5 SEO Tips Infographics

Top 5 SEO Tips Infographics

Top 5 SEO Tips

Optimize Title Tags
Your webpages title tags are the most important on-page SEO factor. Use keyword research to determine the best title for EACH webpage.

Optimize Images
Google considers pagespeed (how fast a webpage loads) as a ranking factor. Use image optimization tools to decrease the size of your images.

Anchor Text SEO
Links from a webpage are very important, use supporting keywords as the anchor text of links.

Meta Tags SEO Value
I’m afraid meta tags have ZERO SEO ranking value. For a webpage ranked 5 today in Google, nothing you do to the meta tags will result in a better Google ranking in the future.

Backlinks Are A Priority
No matter how hard you work on a websites content, without backlinks Google won’t rank your content for anything other than long-tail SERPs.

Social Network Links
Likes, shares etc… from social networks like Facebook have value in their own right. Unfortunately they have NO Direct SEO ranking value: Google ignores backlinks from Facebook.


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