Comment on Text Link Brokers Review by SEO Dave.

Selling Backlinks Google Penalty for Selling Text Link Ads from another Text Link Ads Seller Company.

Before outsourcing my SEO clients text link needs to Text Link Brokers I tried another text link ads seller and was doing OK (was selling links), nothing amazing sales wise, but considering how much SEO benefit a single link costs a site and the prices they charge their clients it’s well worth it.

That is if it wasn’t for the risks of a Google slap for selling text link ads!

A few months after adding links to a couple of sites there’s been signs of Google penalties, most obvious penalty was a site loosing over 8,000 unique visitors a day!

I can weather this traffic loss since I have multiple sites, I could not imagine how bad this would be for a small business with one site trying to make a little extra cash to make ends meet and WHAM, online sales are DEAD!

Since I lost a couple of very good sites through this, I’ve put a Google re-inclusion request in admitting to selling text links and explaining they have now been removed.

Realistically you can only sell text links from reasonable PR pages and they tend to be the best pages traffic wise, since Google knows I’ve sold links in the past I’ve had to stop selling text links because it’s too risky.

I have a feeling Google employees are checking the inventory of some text link ad selling sites (some of them don’t hide their link inventory at all!) and penalizing when they find a site selling links. Text Link Brokers does hide it’s inventory quite well with their non-disclosure agreement which means Google legally can’t log into the the TextLinkBrokers site, sign up for links and penalize them (they would be open to legal proceedings). I’m surprised all text link sellers don’t have non-disclosure agreements to protect their link sellers.

I learnt my lesson too late, if you plan to sell text links be very careful how/where you market your inventory.