Comment on Technical Support by Adam Houston.

WordPress Technical Support Makes sense to me! Thanks again for your plugin. I am definitely interested in the idea of your plugin replacing Yoast’s. The main things I use Yoast for, which would need to be in place for me on any potential replacement plugin in order for me to switch are:

– ability for custom title & description (obviously) on each page/post/tag/category/etc.
– ability to easily rel=canonical any given post/page/etc., including cross-domain
– easily customize title/description/image/etc for social sharing if you don’t just want to use the meta titles/descriptions
– create XML sitemap with only the stuff I want in it
– easily noindex/nofollow/etc. any post/page/etc. (site-wide defaults for each section/tag/etc plus ability to override on a given item)

Anyway, thanks for your plugin and your response above. :)