Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support Glad you’ve found the Stallion SEO Plugin useful.

Funnily enough the reason for commenting out the code (which works fine for what you want) was I thought it was confusing keeping it in without another option explaining the difference between Home and Blog Archive.

Home Page to me means the root of the site, so is the Home page.

When the commented out code was active it would go to the Blog archives page which isn’t the Home page.

For it to make sense would have had to add another option: an extra tick box on that option so users can choose actual Home or Blog archive. I assumed ALL users would want the SEO benefit redirected to Home rather than the Blog archive page, so commented it out. Guess I was wrong :-) when I get back to plugin/theme development I’ll add the option.

I was working on a huge update to the plugin before Christmas, was replicating the Yoast SEO and All In One SEO title tag like options and adding features from the Stallion Responsive SEO Theme so users wouldn’t need Yoast or All In One SEO (or my SEO theme) for managing title tags etc… and SEO features currently only available in my SEO theme would be in the plugin. Basically turning it into a fully fledged SEO plugin that’s better than Yoast/All In One SEO, wrote some of the tutorials etc… at Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin (near the bottom).

I got distracted with setting up a new server and managing over 100 domains, so plugin/theme development is currently on hold (probably get back to it in a month or so). Currently updating the Classic Literature Library which is a huge project that I’ve been meaning to do for almost a decade! Was one of my first sites, built it using asp and txt files (tens of thousands of asp and txt files loaded as includes!!!) as I knew no better at the time! Finally moving it to WordPress one book at a time.