Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support If it’s a website with thousands of WordPress posts rather than pages (static pages), spread over a fair number categories based on theme (the categories are the silos) then the Stallion Responsive built in silo SEO features will work REALLY well. Great for big sites.

This site of mine has over 100,000 WordPress posts spread over quite a lot of categories. No way I could build manual silos for so much content.

Created one Stallion widget which took less than a minute and it was automatically siloed. Entire site silo SEO’d in a minute.

Randomly view posts and categories and compare the Popular Posts widget as you change content.

The Popular Posts widget is set to show posts only from the categories the posts are in. I used similar settings for this site with the Popular Articles widget.

Means your widgets can be better targeted to the content they are linking to/from. That’s what Silo SEO is.