Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support Regarding technical support it’s always via comments on this site unless the information can’t be made public: if it has to be private support there’s contact details on the main Stallion options page (I ignore support requests sent by email that could be dealt with here).

I don’t check who is asking for tech support, so anyone using/testing Stallion Responsive can ask for support via the comments.

Regarding Stallion Responsive updates, even though it’s a premium theme, it includes a built in update like what you get with WordPress themes from the free WordPress Theme Repository. When an updated version is released whoever has access to the WordPress updates page (under your WordPress dashboard) can see there’s an update available and click the update link which automatically updates the site.

Also anyone can download the latest zip files from

When I make an update I post some info on the mailing list and make a copy as a comment on the Stallion Responsive Mailing List Page.

So to be sent email updates there’s two options.

Sign up for the actual mailing list.
Subscribe to the comments on the mailing list page linked above: to do this click the Subscribe link at the bottom of the comments form on the mailing list page above.