Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support I’d create a new WordPress page template using one of the current Stallion Responsive page templates that’s close to what I want and modify it’s PHP/HTML code for anything that’s not changeable via CSS.

Would then work on the CSS with an aim to adding the CSS to the bottom of the mobile.css file if I didn’t intend to release the page template for others to use. The mobile.css file is the last CSS file loaded by Stallion, so any CSS rules loaded at the bottom will override all other Stallion CSS file rules.

As long as you use the same CSS format as used in the other Stallion CSS files you can override almost anything.

You could also use your own CSS code and not use any of the Stallion CSS files.

Most of the Stallion page template files (name format page-****.php) use the header.php (that file loads the Stallion CSS files), footer.php and sidebar.php files by default, the page-sales.php template file doesn’t use the header.php, footer.php or sidebar.php files, instead I copied the contents of those 3 files directly into the page-sales.php file and modified it so it always used the layout-1000.css CSS file (full width) and didn’t load any sidebars.

This means that template file is stand alone, doesn’t use elements the rest of the site uses. If you look at the code you’ll see near the top code related to “/colors/layout-1000.css” which loads the full width CSS. You could do similar and load any custom css file you’ve loaded into the Stallion theme folder, could then make it look like anything you want.

It’s a good file to take a look at for ideas when creating interesting page templates as it will show you how to combine all the template parts into one file so you can change them without modifying the rest of the site: you wouldn’t want to modify the header.php file for just one template file as the changes would impact the entire site.

An extreme version is page-blank.php which loads no CSS files, just loads a posts content and that’s it. Could in theory drop an entire HTML webpage (with inline CSS) into a post and load it with that template and it should work. SEO wise this is removing most of the onpage SEO, so you would have to manually readd it: wouldn’t have a title tag for example if you didn’t add a title tag to the posts HTML code.