Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support Sorry to hear that, I responded within 39 minutes of you posting the comment, realistically couldn’t have been much faster on support.

The fix would have taken you a few mins, it’s how you fix any problems with a plugin/theme causing that type of error. Log in via FTP or equivalent and delete it’s files, this forces WordPress to run without the plugin/theme (uninstall the plugin or switch to the default theme).

There was nothing wrong with your site, all the images, posts and stuff was safely in the database, just had to disable the plugin or the theme.

I take it you don’t have backups of your site? Check with your host, maybe they make backups you can restore from.

If you started with a new database you might be able to recover most of the site without backups. Did you delete the original database? Deleting the WordPress files doesn’t delete the database, so could be a simple case of modifying your wp-config.php file to gain access to the original site minus it’s images if you deleted the WordPress image folder.

How much traffic you get depends a lot on the niche/content and the backlinks etc… if in a niche with a lot of traffic will be a lot more than one with little traffic. Some sites running Stallion are generating millions of visitors a year without doing anything special: fair amount of content, reasonable traffic niches, reasonable amount of time spent on backlinks (basic SEO sort of stuff).