Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support If you run a webpage through the free Google PageSpeed Insights Tool you’ll tend to find some issues related to “Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content”.

What this means is there are javascript and/or CSS files that have to load before the main content is loaded. If there are a lot of blocking CSS/js files it can cause your content to load slowly because render blocking means those js/CSS files have to load fully before the content loads.

Having render blocking scripts will not result in webpages not being indexed. A note on being indexed, do this search in Google to see what webpages on a domain are indexed:

I see a lot of webmasters stating their webpages aren’t indexed, when they mean aren’t ranked for a particular search phrase.

Having render blocking issues will not prevent a webpage from being indexed, but could have a small impact on being ranked.

With the Stallion Responsive theme there are render blocking js/CSS files, how many depends on features used. If you check my site (this webpage for example) :

You will find it has just one render blocking CSS file. Unless you put all CSS inline (generally not a good idea) you will have at least 1 render blocking CSS file (that’s fine).

The blocking files you listed are not all related to the Stallion Responsive theme features:

This one is related to AdSense and probably added by Stallion.


I don’t think the others are added by Stallion, these are related to Google services:


This one is Twitter, but don’t think it’s the code used by Stallion:

None of them will cause indexing issues and minimal impact on ranking.