Comment on Technical Support by mcyan.

WordPress Technical Support Hello David,

I have a question regarding installing another wordpress install instance beside the existing one with a static front page. Way also as an experiment.

What i want to know is how you would set things up. But before that let me explain how i have done it.

What i have done is the following.

Let say for example mine main website is: with a category tropical animals.

Than I also have made a page with the name: tropical animals. This page will be mine front static page. All the posts in the category: tropical animals will have a manual link to the page: tropical-animals. Why I have chosen a page, because i want that part of mine site rank for the keyword: tropical animals.

Then for not dilluting the niche tropical animals I have created a sub directory under mine domain with the name: sea animals. Then in that sub directory I install a fresh copy of wp and then the same setup only different keyword. Thus, category: sea animals with under that posts regarding sea animals, then a page: sea animals so that all the posts of the sea animals category link to the page: sea animals so in the end I can rank for the main keyword sea animals and the same for the other keyword without them interfering each other.

Is this a right approach? I don’t mine managing multi wordpress installs. How would you do this? Installing multi wp with a static front page where all category posts link to. Or is this bad practice?

Also I have chosen as a custom permalink: postname. But in mine case when I choose the category tropical animals in the sub-directory version the url shows:
Is this bad seo wise? Because when I click on a post then it only show the sub directory and postname according to the permalink setting

And regarding post titles. If mine keyword is for example tropical animal, can i safely mention in all mine titles “tropical animal” with variations of other words. Like this:

Tropical animals on mountains
Tropical animals in bushes
Tropical animals in desserts

Or would this be spam? Constantly mentioning: tropical animals. Do i also have to use words in between them? Or is mine example ok?