Comment on Technical Support by mcyan.

WordPress Technical Support Hello David,

I have installed Stallion and made some custom tweaks in page layout en css settings (in this case: style-white-n-blue.css) directly in the child theme.

I also have installed stallion in a sub-directory on a fresh wordpress-install

All seem fine when i test mine changes. But when for example i refresh everything, close browser etc.

I get randomly settings which i have sett off. For example in Seo post widget i choose no thumbnails and excerpt, then it randomly shows those again.

Also i changed the layout into left sidebar then when it loads after refresh it shows sometimes the default layout and sometimes mine custom one.

In this case i have set a page as mine static front page. Sometimes it shows in mine custom layout and then sometimes in the default.

Also i have made changes to css , sometimes it shows mine custom settings, then again the default settings.

Same with adsense i choose ad-1 text only, then it also shows graphic ads.

Strange, am i doing something wrong? Do i need to take certain steps in tweaking which are not common in normal wp-tweaking?

Hope you can help and thanks.