Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support You are using the Stallion WordPress SEO Comments Plugin which doesn’t convert text based URLs to clickable links.

WordPress comments by default convert a URL like to a clickable HTML link (it’s a core WordPress function).

Easiest way to have clickable links in your Stallion SEO Comments is add the HTML links manually as you’ve done here:

The original comment has clickable link: edit the two comments and you’ll see the difference, the one you have problems with is just a list of text URLs the other one has full HTML links.

You’ll note on my site this comment doesn’t have any clickable links, the Stallion Responsive Theme has an option to turn automatic clickable links off for SEO reasons. When WordPress turns a text based URL like into a clickable link it adds a nofollow attribute (adds rel=”nofollow” to the links HTML code) and nofollow deletes valuable link benefit. I can still add clickable links manually and not have the nofollow attribute like this link explaining WordPress SEO and Rel Nofollow. When you add a link on your site because you use another theme it will have the nofollow attribute which is deleting your valuable link juice.