Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support For a WordPress post it’s best to add an image like any WordPress image, that way you can set dimensions, placement, alignment etc… so edit a post and where you want the image click the “Add Media” button and add an image.

For archive parts of a site Stallion Responsive can use a variety of image sources as thumbnails, if you view any of the archives on this site like this category for example: you’ll see a small thumbnail image for each archived post.

To set this the options are

“Stallion Theme” > “Colour Options”

Options under the section “Auto and Featured Thumbnails”.

If you set “Featured Thumbnails Only ON” and set the “Thumbnails Width” and “Thumbnails Height” to match the size of your Featured Image Thumbnail size (set under “Settings > Media” : “Thumbnail size”) the images will be the same size as your Featured image thumbnails.

Under each posts Edit page you set a WordPress featured image and it’s thumbnail will be used on archives.

Note: Stallion also includes it’s own featured image option that overrides the WordPress featured image as a thumbnail. The Stallion image is set on the Edit post page under the “Stallion Featured Thumbnail Options” form.

If you set a WordPress Featured Image and a Stallion Featured Thumbnail Image the Stallion image will be used as the thumbnail. With the Stallion version a scaling script is used to make a smaller thumbnail image based on any image you upload.

The thumbnails are also used by the Stallion SEO Posts widget, see the Popular Posts widget on the sidebar, the two thumbnail images are Stallion Featured Thumbnail Images. That widget is really cool, can set Popular/Recent/Random etc… Posts widgets with just links, just images, just excerpts and everything in between including setting only the first popular posts having images/excerpts.

Hopefully that will point you in the right direction.