Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support This is how I added a simple HTML sitemap to this site and linked to it from the footer area with anchor text “List of All Articles”.

Created a new static Page (Dashboard, left menu hover over “Pages” click “Add New”) which I titled “Stallion Responsive Sitemap” (didn’t add any content to the content form, but could). To simplify could have called the new Page “List of All Articles” in hindsight :-)

Since I wanted the title tag and the H1 header to be “List of All Articles on WordPress SEO Packages Website” I used that text as the All In One SEO Title (on the edit Page screen): this bit isn’t that important, it’s just an HTML sitemap.

There’s multiple sitemap page templates built into Stallion, on the edit Post screen on the right menu under “Page Attributes” : “Templates” I set “Sitemap All Posts Organised by Categories”.

The name of that Page template is self explanatory.

Publish the Page and we have an HTML sitemap listing all posts organised by category. Since it’s a static WordPress Page it won’t be linked by default by WordPress unless you’ve set a navigation menu which automatically adds new Pages to it.

Next to link to it. You can link to it from any navigation menu, I added it to the footer navigation menu (the only link added to that nav menu).

Under “Appearance” >> “Menus” if you don’t already have a footer menu, create a new menu (doesn’t matter what you call it, all that matters is you set that menu as the “Footer Links” menu). If you already have a footer links menu, edit it. Either find the new sitemap Page on the left menu under Pages or use the Links option where you can add any custom link.

If you add the Page via the Pages option the anchor text would be in my case “Stallion Responsive Sitemap” (title of the Page). So I edited the link and changed the anchor text to “List of All Articles”.

Saved the menu etc… and we have a sitemap that’s linked sitewide from the footer.