Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support The file was just for Susanne’s website/issue, if your thumbnails are working correctly no need to fix anything.

Stallion Responsive first looks for:
“Stallion Featured Thumbnail”

If one exists it’s used as the thumbnail image, if not:

Stallion looks for:
“WordPress Featured Image”

If one exists it’s used as a thumbnail image, if not either nothing is used or a random image is used (depends on options set).

The benefit of this is if you’ve used another theme that’s used the WordPress Featured Image they will work with Stallion with no messing around.

So if you have WordPress Featured Images already set you don’t NEED to set Stallion Featured Images, you can set them, but you don’t have to, and yes you can set them both if you want.

If you want thumbnails to load on archive parts of the site (categories etc…) and parts of the Stallion SEO Posts widget (like you see for my Popular Posts widget) set a featured image on all posts: although you can set them for pages as well they aren’t by default part of the archive system so no thumbnails are created by Stallion.

On Stallion child themes. If you’ve uploaded the Stallion Responsive child theme and are seeing no options on the child theme options page, suggests you didn’t activate the child theme.

Go to Appearance >> Themes and you should see two Stallion Responsive themes available, note on one of the images it says Child. Activate the child theme.

Since a child theme is a separate theme your custom navigation menu won’t be set, so you’ll need to go to Appearance >> Menus and set them again.

If there’s only one Stallion Responsive theme on the theme page you’ve not installed the child theme, the zip file is at install and activate it.

In the process of zipping up Stallion Responsive 8.2 and an updated 8.2 child theme (might release today/tomorrow), so if you don’t already have the child theme installed give it a day or two as the new child theme has new options and image sets. Basically wait for the Stallion 8.2 update, update the main theme, download the new Stallion Responsive child Theme v8.2 zip file and install/activate it.