Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support Checked your cannabis seed site and found a png file that wouldn’t create a thumbnail on your site, but would on my test install (on my PC) when I set timthumb to allow external images.

Also your site didn’t output what I’d expect when trying to create thumbnails on external sites, so something isn’t right.

If I try to load an image from your site using timthumb from my site (which isn’t set to allow external images):

It should throw out an error as you see if you open the above URL in a browser.

A TimThumb error has occured
The following error(s) occured:

You are not allowed to fetch images from an external website.

Query String : src=
TimThumb version : 2.8.14

Doing similar using your sites timthumb file doesn’t output the error, suggesting something is broken.

In Stallion 8.2 I’ve updated the timthumb.php file to the latest version, the timthumb.php file (not my creation) is what makes the thumbnails and might be a rare bug with the older Stallion 8.1 version.

Stallion 8.2 release is imminent, but if you don’t want to wait try downloading this zip file.


Extract and upload the timthumb.php file within using FTP to:


If it is an issue with the Timthumb script that should fix it.

You could also try emptying the cache folder via FTP. Go to /wp-content/themes/stallion-responsive/cache/ using FTP and delete all the files within it. The cache folder is where the thumbnails are stored, if something went wrong and a file is corrupt deleting everything in the cache folder will force the images to be recreated and could fix an corrupt files.

You could also set the same image as a WordPress Featured Image and not use the Stallion Featured thumbnails. If a WordPress Featured Image is set and no Stallion featured image is set, Stallion uses the WordPress Featured Image. Some of your posts already have WordPress Featured Images set and they are used as thumbnails.

BTW you should install the Stallion Responsive child theme (it’s free), will give you access to hundreds of thumbnail and banner/header images. The parent theme only includes one thumbnail set to keep the file size down, the child theme includes around two dozen thumbnail sets including a set with weird images which might work with a cannabis seed site :-)