Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support It depends where in the footer you want the text.

If you are happy with above the footer there’s a Stallion widget area for this sort of thing called “Below Main Footer Area” (it’s called below… because it’s below the 4 widget areas that are above it (not as well named as I thought in hindsight :-)).

If you go to this sites home page that widget area is holding the categories tagcloud widget. I added a tagcloud widget, set the output to categories and set the widget to only load on archive parts of the site.

If you want the text in that area drop a Text Widget in the “Below Main Footer Area” (“Appearance” >> “Widgets”) and add what ever text including HTML formatting you want in the text widget box.

If you want it within the footer area where the copyright info and link to home you can edit the footer.php file (file under /stallion-responsive/footer.php).

find this code: ?php wp_footer(); ?

And add your HTML above or below that line. You’ll need to include a paragraph tag at least.

Other locations are above or below:

get_template_part( ‘layout/footer-menu’

Below the line starting

div id=”footer_stallion

Each one of the above is a different part of the footer.

Another way if you don’t like editing code and you don’t use the Tagline is add your text to the tagline under “Settings” >> “General” : “Tagline”

And set the tagline to load in the footer area rather than the header area by going to “Stallion Theme” >> “Layout Options” : “Location of Sites TagLine” – “Footer: Above Copyright Notice”.

Stallion also includes a navigation menu in that area, but that’s for links not text. You can see on this site I have a link with anchor text “List of All Articles”. Create a new menu under “Appearance” >> “Menus” and set the new menu for the Footer Links location.