Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support I see one affiliate link with a broken image, look through your widget code and you are linking to an image:

Load it in a browser and you can see why it’s not showing: broken image maybe.

The Gravatar issue, it’s because it’s a trackback and trackbacks don’t have an email address associated with them, so no Gravatar loaded.

Hadn’t taken this into account in the Stallion SEO Comments Widget. Working on the Stallion Responsive 8.2 update so will take a look at the code for a better way to deal with trackbacks (will probably remove them from the widget output, only get user comments).

Regarding different sidebars. You can set where most widgets will load/not load, so not set full sidebars, but set individual widgets.

Under “Stallion Theme” >> “Layout Options” : Tick “Widget Display ON”.

Under “Appearance” >> “Widgets” most widgets you add to a widget area will now have new options for deciding where to load/not load them. The options range from show/hide on one page to show/hide on specific categories and everything in between.

I needed the same feature you want, so built it exactly how I wanted it :-) I wanted to be able to show ads on every page within a category, but not the posts and wanted the option to only load on the 1st page of a category set, but not the rest and a bunch of other options, so there’s not a lot you can’t achieve with the Stallion widget display options.

Go to the Website Hosting Category and you’ll see on the left sidebar an ad to Godaddy. That’s a Stallion Custom Ad widget using the custom code form with this code:

<p><span class="affst" title="outboundz" id="13"><img src="" alt="GoDaddy Web Hosting" width="300" height="250" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-2547" /></span>
<span class="affst" title="outboundz" id="12">GoDaddy Coupon $15 off your $75 order</span></p>

If you check posts I’ve made related to autoblogging the main ones have an affiliate link to the WPRobot Autoblog plugin. That’s a WordPress Text Widget with this code:

<p><span class="affst" title="outboundz" id="1"><img src="" alt="WP Robot Discount Code" width="300" height="69" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-548" /></span>
WP Robot 25% discount coupon (valid November 2014).
Enter the promo code <strong>Stallion</strong> at checkout to reduce the cost of <span class="affst" title="outboundz" id="1">Any Version of WP Robot 4</span>.</p>

I’ve used the Stallion Cloaking feature for the affiliate links with a PHP redirection script.

The WPRobot widget I’ve added a list of post ID’s (192,461,322,332,102) where that Text Widget should load. So it only loads on those 5 posts. The Godaddy ad loads on the Webhosting category and the posts under that category.