Comment on Technical Support by Susanne.

WordPress Technical Support I seem to be having an issue. If you were to go to my site these are the things I do not seem to be able to fix and don’t know why they have happened in the first place. If possible can you help me please.

1. On my sidebar some of my affiliate links including images have simply vanished. I have verified the code in the Stallion Custom Ad Widget and it seems to be correct. Verified in DreamWeaver.

2. I seem to be generating some comments; however they do not all generate an avatar automatically — see the third or last one. Why? Can I fix that or should I bother.

3. Can I set a different sidebar on different posts / pages easily? Or do I need to install a plugin widget for this purpose? The reason for this is that I have different affiliate products linked to specific categories.

My site is in case you wanted to have a look. I use FireFox as my main browser; however it displays the same in Chrome.