Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support Had a look at your site (assuming it’s the domain you use for an email address and you are using the Stallion SEO Plugin not the Stallion SEO Theme.

The Stallion SEO Plugin is one small feature to stop wasting link benefit through noindexing sections of a site as wrongly recommended by the Yoast SEO Plugin and All In One SEO Plugin. Those plugins can cause serious SEO damage, set the wrong options and half your site isn’t indexed by Google!!! The Stallion plugin adds an alternative way to not index some parts of a site.

The Stallion SEO Plugin doesn’t do anything else (has no impact on what is shared on Facebook etc…), so you won’t find the Use Yoast SEO settings with the plugin, it’s a Stallion theme feature: though those options aren’t related to social media sharing.

This is what the Stallion Responsive SEO Theme Advanced SEO Options page looks like (click the image below to see full screenshot):

Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Advanced Options

That’s the Stallion Responsive 8.0 version, not made a screenshot of the latest 8.1 update which has more options.

The above is one of over 10 Stallion options pages.

Looks like you are using Jetpack Open Graph Tags which will automatically generate a description for Facebook, Google+ etc…

Jetpack automatically adds this to your posts code:

<meta property="og:description" content="When I made public my genetic screening results, and began sharing my experiences in my Ms. Cheevious blog, vlog and on the Huffington Post, people began to ask about the details surrounding my BRC..." />

I studied genetics at University, that post caught my attention :-)

I don’t use Jetpack, don’t think there’s a way to change it.

The Shareaholic plugin you use (that’s the Facebook like button etc…) will probably use the Jetpack description.

If you wanted a specific description I think you’d have to disable the Jetpack Open Graph Tags (pretty sure that’s completely automated) and use another plugin to manually set a description for social media sharing.

I run all my sites using Stallion Responsive and haven’t added the social media data as a feature because there’s no evidence it has a direct SEO value sharing on Facebook etc… I tend to concentrate on Google SEO, if it’s not SEO valuable (better rankings on Google) I avoid it.

Next Stallion theme update adding social media data (description etc…) for those that think it’s important. If you don’t use a plugin for setting social media information (the description), Facebook etc… will take the first lines of a posts content which is the same as you see when using Jetpack Open Graph Tags.