Comment on Technical Support by Héctor.

WordPress Technical Support Hi David,

I’m trying to add my new blog to a blog directory, and it’s being rejected. This directory says:

“[Blogdirectory] uses Autodiscovery to determine your Blog’s RSS Feed. Please allow up to 2 hours for your site to be crawled for new RSS data.”

Then, there is a hyperlink to

Where I read:

How to add RSS Autodiscovery to your site
June 15, 2005

I sometimes see web sites or blogs that have RSS feeds, but fail to include the one line of HTML that enables RSS autodiscovery. Even some well known blogs such as 37 Signals – Signal Vs Noise omit the feature. Jason Kottke’s blog has autodiscovery support on the main page, but not on his entry pages.

Adding that one line of code to your template will make it easier for people to subscribe to your RSS feed. Here’s how:

The above link tag should be added inside the head tag of your HTML document.

You will of course need to change the value of the title and href attributes to fit your needs.

Is that something I should do in my Stallion-theme or it could break things in my blog?