Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support That’s not enough information to track down the issue. If you can reactivate Stallion and copy and paste the entire error message I’ll look into it, had a few issues with the new thumbnail code in Stallion 7.0.1 not always saving the new options after an update (fixed in the next Stallion update which will be released soon) and that breaks the theme near the top of the main content.

Feel free to email the error message if you don’t want server details posted here or it doesn’t come through correctly as a comment (some code can be stripped by WordPress).

You can also try the following to fix possible options missing.

Activate Stallion, on the main Stallion options page near the bottom tick “Update New Default Settings” and save settings. This options checks all options that need a setting have the setting saved within the database and if any are missing fills them in with defaults. This fixes the thumbnail error I mentioned earlier.

Same can be achieved using the “Use My Defaults Settings File” settings as well.