Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support Seen this issue a few times, it’s caused by something ‘breaking’ your RSS feed, most likely a WordPress plugin.

The WordPress RSS feed is supposed to not show rich content (images etc…), meant to be just text. If you are running a plugin that adds rich content to the RSS feed it clashes with a Stallion feature that uses the WordPress rss excerpt for the meta description tag.

You have two choices.

Track down what’s adding rich content to your RSS feed and stop it.

Or disable the Stallion feature.

The Stallion feature is the automated meta description and meta keywords tag(s). Under the Stallion SEO Advanced options page tick:

Automated Meta Description Tag OFF
Automated Meta Keywords OFF

This will turn of the automated meta tags.

The keywords meta tag has no SEO value, only have it in the Stallion theme because users expect it. I have it turned off on all my sites.

The description meta tag has value if you write ad like descriptions. On each post you can write an excerpt, if you write an excerpt it will be used as the meta description tag otherwise the first X number of characters from a post will be used (automated, highly unlikely to generate a higher click through rate (CTR)).

The meta description tag has no SEO ranking value (won’t increase Google rankings), but might result in a higher CTR from Google IF it’s a compelling read.

Personally I don’t have the time to write descriptions and I’m not very good at writing ads, so I turn this Stallion feature off and let Google choose the description from the body text.

I see you are using the All in One SEO Pack WordPress plugin, plugins like that give you more control over the meta description. Take a read of WordPress All in One SEO Plugin Review you are making a big error using nofollow on your categories. If you want to not index parts of a site without using nofollow see the Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin.