Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support Firstly don’t SPAM my website with comments about the same issue over and over again (have deleted the other comments) with a “you must fix my blog NOW, it’s your fault” tone.

Do not appreciate waking up to my sites code messed up with ill thought out comments. Never post comments like those again, if you want someone to look at the W3C Validator results post a link to the results page, don’t paste the entire code with hundreds of lines as a comment TWICE!!!

You did this sort of thing before by email, this is your final warning (I warned you by email last time about having patience: this is FREE tech support), do it again you’ll receive no more support.

Secondly had you read my first response correctly you would have realised this was NOT a Stallion code issue, but an issue with one of your posts (I linked to it!). So despite this not being a Stallion support issue I gave you the answer of how to solve the problem. That post wasn’t empty, if you had edited it you’ve have found an entire post, but there was broken code within it. When a post has broken code it can break the site. That’s not a theme issue, it’s a poorly constructed post issue (common problem with scraped content using autoblog software).

Thirdly had you read the BTW part of the comment correctly you’d have realised the meta tags information had nothing whatsoever to do with your code errors, I was giving you some free additional SEO advice because you are making a mistake adding a bunch of worthless meta tags. It’s up to you whether you take the free SEO advice or not.

BTW Many sites do have W3C Validator errors, most errors cause no major problems, you use the tool to track down the ones that cause problems. Stallion out the box has no validator errors, the FaceBook code that can be turned on causes validator errors.