Comment on Technical Support by Roy.

WordPress Technical Support Hi David,

I have just found the cause of a mess on the homepage of my blog . I crosschecked to one post made by automatic blog software here 2 days ago as it was an empty content, then I checked it by viewing this one post and it’s true that this post caused a mess on viewing the layout of Stallion theme so I directly deleted it and after that I tried to running my blog again then I get the good view of my Stallion theme blog.

After that I just tried to track down my blog url at and there was still mentioned 50 errors in my blog but I don’t care it because my blog has runned Stallion theme as well and I know that the validator site is might too sensitive to track any code of sites so that they mentioned whatever they thought those things as errors whereas not, which means we couldn’t believe fully to what stated by the validator site like that. I think all sites or blog if tracked down by this url will always be found errors, you or anyone can try it yourself.

And I know that the cause of a mess in my homepage blog was really not caused by the meta tags codes I’ve added into the header.php file, because after I removed them the mess on the homepage of my blog still happened. And after I deleted one empty content post as I tell above, everything can work fine again is that at the view on my homepage blog. You can see my other blog using my local language here at ss example which I have also added some meta tags in the header.php file where you said that it’s complete waste of time but you can see that the Stallion theme can work fine in that blog without any mess.

It seemed an empty content of post will be able to mess the Stallion theme view at some of blog pages. I just know and am aware of this thing today through my blog, before all I was not.