Comment on Talian 5 WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense WordPress Theme Options Talian 5 is over due an update.

Talian 5 works with WordPress 3.3.1, one minor CSS Talian options page issue, the footer isn’t placed correctly when you load the Talian options page, has no impact on the site (plan to fix in the next update: minor issue, missing closing div on the options page).

Technical support available here via comments (preferred), by email (email address available to customers) and some also use my Stallion WordPress SEO Theme site because a lot of Talian customers also use Stallion and tend to consider them the same even though they aren’t (yet, see later).

No known caching plugin issues, I use WP Super Cache on my sites and have had no reports of issues with other caching plugins.

No money back guarantee with Talian 5, there is a 60 day money back guarantee with Stallion which is the next version of Talian, kind of: lots of new features in Stallion, but it’s based on Talian (Talian has less than 50 options, Stallion has over 250 options).

Working on the Stallion 6.3 update now. After it’s released I’m updating Talian to use the Stallion 6.* ‘engine’ which will take Talian straight to Talian v6.3.

Talian v6.3 will have all the features of Stallion 6.3 minus the non-Talian colour schemes (about 1/3rd of the colours) and some of the image sets. All Talian customers will be entitled to a free update. Talian 6.* will be updated with all future Stallion 6.* features, but no new colour schemes which will warrant the lower price.

This will give customers who only want to use the Talian look access to the new Stallion features at a lower cost. I’ll be upgrading other themes on this site the same ways, all colour schemes will be added to Stallion so if you want the greatest choice of colours you’ll want to buy Stallion.

Probably get Talian 6.3 ready for release in about 6 weeks from now, working on some interesting new Stallion features like category templates (same concept as static page templates, but for categories).