Comment on Talian 5 WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense WordPress Theme Options If you have Talian 5 you have the latest version. Working on an update now and it’s a major update, so warrants a version 6 :-)

Also going to rename the theme (for branding reasons) and work on different looks that won’t resemble Talian too much.

Already have over 80 settings on the admin options page (Talian 5 has 40 odd options).

The next version will include on the options page (these are already coded in) the ability to turn on/off all 6 AdSense ads, set if they are text, image or both ad types all independently (currently requires editing the adsense.php file).

Set Clickbank keywords site wide (via a comma separated list of keywords) or leave as automatic (current option).

At least one new theme colour (it’s a plain theme look). Have also moved more of the font colours CSS code from the main style.css file to the custom CSS files (makes it easier to edit further and make the theme look more unique).

Ability to include as well as exclude (currently can only exclude) pages from the top navigation menu, plus add your own links (to any site/page) from the navigation menu. This pretty much gives full control over the navigation menu from having nothing on it to only custom links and everything in between.

New Advanced SEO Settings:

Turn best SEO title off for those who want the title element format (for a more branded site):

Title of Page | Name of Site

Disable the automated meta description and meta keywords tags for those that use SEO plugins like the All In One SEO Pack Plugin (currently using the above plugin with Talian 5 results in double meta tags, not a big deal as meta tags have little value, but still…).

Disable links with the format added to comments from being turned into clickable links (currently requires a plugin to achieve this, this is an option now).

Clean the head code of up to 14 WordPress hooks including:


There’s a lot of code in the head of a WordPress site that’s not really needed, now it can be removed.

Also finally found a solution to the nofollow attribute added to the Reply to comment links. Just weeks from the WordPress 3.1 release (which fixes this problem) I find a solution, typical :-)

Have more features to add before the release next year.

Our eldest son is at home from University (studying computer science: plans to be a computer programmer) for Christmas and have him helping me out with some coding problems :-) He’s a lot better at PHP coding than I am, I spent a couple of hours trying to solve a bug today, he solved it in a couple of minutes!