Comment on Talian 5 WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense WordPress Theme Options Looking at your site it appears one of the sidebars has dropped to the bottom of the page.

This can happen if something you’ve added to the sidebar is too wide, so look at those image links to see if they are too wide.

If not something like that and you’ve been doing custom code work run the site through an HTML validator (the W3C ones good: ). If you have a lot of plugins, you’ll probably get a lot of errors and warnings, but most won’t be an issue. Look for things like closing div’s missing.

ran your page through the validator, take a look at:

Line 592, Column 5: start tag was here

You might have an extra opening div (difficult to tell without looking directly at any edited code). Might be a case of you’ve added an extra open div or missed a closing /div (easy mistake to make, done it myself a few times :-)).

The AdSense ad not showing is probably Google AdSense not having a relevant ad to show at the time. Probably would have shown ads eventually, 6 ad units now, sometimes there’s not enough ads to show.

Glad you like version 04 of Talian, I think it’s my best SEO work yet for WordPress by far.

BTW Tested Talian 04 on WordPress 2.9 and not found any issues.

Have a good Christmas and New Year.