Comment on Talian 5 WordPress SEO Theme by Nissim ZIv.

AdSense WordPress Theme Options Hi David,
After visiting your wife’s blog, really I just feel like .. I can’t wait to get the 04.

+ I have some remarks:
I don’t like writing this to visitors here but anyway – after 4 months, my blog is having 120k visits a month (even more) and sponsors are interested to advertise.
The most popular banners they want is the 125X125, in addition to some others at the sidebars.
The 125×125 banners come in 2 columns / 5 rows (you might see these in many blogs).
Can you include a manual option (or an explanation on how) to widen one/both sidebars + the theme?
P.S. Changing-banners is a great feature.

Another point is regarding the Meta categories descriptions – I think it could be wise to include the WP description in addition to repeating the Category title. Just as the post Meta’s are presented.

Another point is about the pages:
It would be good to have an option not to include pages in the header – not that critical.

Another idea is the option to replace the site picture with an advertizing banner (changing banner etc.) – this can be great.