Comment on Talian 5 WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense WordPress Theme Options Wasn’t happy with the top navigation links for the Talian theme. Basically original Talian had the header area split in two (via CSS floats), on the left was the name of the site and the blog description and on the right the search box and the orange navigation button links.

This meant only half the width of the theme could be used for the navigation links, which didn’t make sense.

So rewrote the code and now the orange navigation buttons can stretch across the entire Talian themes width (almost anyway, about 990px in total). With Talian with SEO/AdSense version 4.0 we can now add 8 to 10 navigation links depending on the anchor text on those links.

Can’t get over how many CSS floats are used in the original Talian theme, I must have already deleted 20 to 30 CSS floats that aren’t really needed!