Comment on Talian 5 WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense WordPress Theme Options The Talian theme used on your site is the original Talian theme (not available from this site). The version I sell includes significant code modifications for WordPress SEO reasons and includes AdSense ad units.

If you look on one of your content pages you’ll see two blocks just above the comments box that says-

“The webpage cannot be found”

These are the AdSense ad units the original Talian designer added, they aren’t working because you haven’t gone into the code and added your AdSense publisher ID.

My version has a single file you edit (adsense.php) to include your AdSense publisher code so all ad units on all pages use your ID (much easier to do, one copy and paste and your done).

With regards your questions, all of those things are possible, but some are significant code changes. For example the Blogroll to Link change involves adding an alternative blogroll code because the original Talian theme uses the default WordPress Blogroll code which doesn’t allow you to just change the title of the header (it uses a default header code that’s stored in the main WordPress CMS coding).

I had to change this code on my version because I wanted to remove the H2 header created by the default code. So yes it’s possible to do this through the theme, but you have to make big code changes and it;s beyond the scope of this comments form to explain it (check out the WordPress codex for code or look at other themes until you find one with the right code).

Most of the other changes are probably doable through CSS changes.