Comment on Talian 5 WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense WordPress Theme Options Probably not enough details to determine what’s wrong.

When others had issues with the Talian 5 theme menu it was either they had too many static Pages added to their menu or broken HTML code in a post.

There’s a lot of Talian 5 (the older premium WordPress theme I used to sell) users that used Talian 5 on autoblogs and they are prone to HTML errors. As an autoblog plugin scrapes content from various sources some of the content includes broken PHP code and it can break a WordPress sites layout.

Since Talian 5 has an advanced CSS SEO layout it is more prone to being broken by these HTML code errors added to posts.

For most users it tended to be the odd post with either an extra opening or closing div:


This would break the theme layout.

They would find if they viewed multiple parts o the autoblog site some pages would be fine (they didn’t have the extra broken HTML code) and some pages broke.