If only there was a stop being added to Facebook groups feature, there would be no need for a rant.

Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t have a Stop Being Added to Facebook Groups feature, so here’s the rant I’m sending Facebook via their FeedBack Form. Partial screenshot of my feedback to Facebook below.

Facebook Feedback

Facebook Feedback

Facebook Feature Suggestion : Your Friend has Recommended this Group

Dear Facebook Developers,

Please learn basic netiquette and stop allowing your Facebook users to add their Facebook friends to groups without permission.

It is unacceptable Internet behavior for forum owners to add people to a forum without their permission, yet you feel it’s acceptable to be added to a Facebook group (a forum) just because a Facebook friend doesn’t understand basic netiquette.

Being added to a Facebook group should be an opt-in NOT an opt-out experience.

Please stop wasting our valuable time AND more importantly annoying your users. Every Facebook group we are added to requires around half a dozen clicks of the mouse to go to the group, leave it and block others from adding us again.

Change the adding to groups feature from being automatically added to the group to “Your Friend has Recommended this Group”.

Would be a simple case for those not interested in being added to more groups to ignore the recommendations, requiring no clicks of the mouse.

As a responsible Internet user who cares what my connections think of me, I would never add a Facebook friend to a group. However, if a “Your Friend has Recommended this Group” feature already existed I would feel comfortable recommending relevant groups to my Facebook friends in a similar way to suggesting they Like Pages.

– https://stallion-theme.co.uk/stop-being-added-to-facebook-groups/

Signed: Annoyed Facebook User

Annoyed Facebook User

Annoyed Facebook User

To other annoyed Facebook users feel free to copy the entire text above and send it to Facebook via their FeedBack Form.

Based on all the annoyed Facebook users complaining about this, I very much doubt they’ll change the add to groups feature, but at least someone at Facebook will have to waste their valuable time reading the feedback.

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