Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Theme New SEO ad theme feature for Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin users.

I’m currently working on version 6 of my SEO ad theme (which will no longer be called Talian, got a new brand name: Stallion SEO Theme).

Since I have hundreds of customers running the Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin I’ve added an SEO feature just for them in the next release.

Every autoblog plugin I’ve looked at including the Massive Passive Profits Plugin uses nofollow attributes for affiliate links. This used to be a good idea for preventing affiliate links wasting link benefit (I used nofollow extensively), but Google no longer honors what nofollow used to do: it used to conserve link benefit now it deletes it!!!!

With your average autoblog plugin page to an Amazon product it can generate anywhere from 2 to over half a dozen nofollow affiliate links (all deleting link benefit). This means every page generated by an autoblog plugin wastes the link benefit of 2+ links, multiply that by a 1,000 page autoblog and you can see it’s a LOT of wasted link benefit!

I’ve added a new feature to version 6 of the SEO ad theme that when the Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin is installed you’ll have the option to ‘hide’ your affiliate links from search engines (Google).

The plugin links already have basic redirection type cloaking (though Google can easily follow these and see the link goes to Amazon etc…). Now with a tick of a box and click of a mouse button (two mouse clicks) all your affiliate links will be removed from Google’s sight.

Not only are affiliate links one of the major thin affiliate footprints that search engine spiders like Google use to find and downgrade autoblog sites, but also the wasted link benefit to affiliate/nofollow links is wasted. Two major SEO issues with autoblogs solved.

This is a very cool feature, I’ve been using this SEO technique for months on autoblogs and thin affiliate test sites and they are tending to do better than their nofollow/normal affiliate link counterparts. Before I knew the Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin even existed I’d been testing another popular autoblog plugin and had had to rewrite all the modules to achieve this level of SEO and it meant when the plugin updated I had to spend an hour editing the new module files (it’s a real pain)!

The new theme feature will work on new autoblogs and old. This means if you have an autoblog site today with 10,000 posts with say 30,000 nofollow/affiliate links, with a few clicks of the mouse those links will no longer be ‘seen’ by search engines.

By not wasting link benefit your sites pages will tend to rank better overall and by hiding the affiliate links footprint you’ve increased the chances your autoblogs will last longer before Google etc… downgrades them for thin affiliate content.

Put it this way, if your average autoblog is downgraded by Google in a year, if you can extend that period on average by 6 months you do less work replacing downgraded sites. AKA more money for less effort.