Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Theme Interesting question about WordPress theme designs.

Stallion 6 is of course a different theme, so you won’t get exactly the same look/feel/design, but some things can be made similar.

I assume that’s a custom header image, with Stallion 6 you can add custom header images so that will be easy enough to achieve. You can see two header examples at Stallion Theme (one of the 25 built in Stallion header images).

Biggest issue would be the sidebars. Stallion currently has two ~200px wide sidebars, in the theme you are using you have one 250-300px wide sidebar. I’ve rewritten Stallion 6 so in the future I can create a single sidebar version, it’s on the list of things for Stallion 6.1 (will be working on the next update probably in March).

Currently your 125px wide image ads won’t work the same way as you have them now, 2 x 125px is 250px wide sidebar, so you’d be limited to one 125px wide ad at a time.

Didn’t have a long look through your site, but looks like you have a fair number of affiliate links that are nofollow (nofollow deletes link benefit). In Stallion 6 you’ll be able to hide affiliate links from search engines so they don’t waste link benefit.