Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Theme Stallion SEO Ad Theme Version 6 will Replace Talian 5

As many of my long term Talian theme users know I’m working on version 6 of Talian and when it’s released it will be rebranded (makes it easier to sell via Clickbank: needed a new domain for Clickbank promotion).

The new theme will be called Stallion SEO Ad Theme and will start at version 6 and take the place of Talian 5 (don’t worry all Talian 3, 4 and 5 customers receive a free update of Stallion 6 upon it’s release).

It’s a work in progress, but Stallion 6 is well under way and I’m running it on the new Stallion SEO Themes Website.

I’ve started adding posts about the new features of Stallion 6 and will be using the site as both the Stallion SEO Ad Theme sales site and documentation/support site for customers (open comments on all pages). All the site is for is Stallion 6 theme features and issues etc…

It’s impossible to show all features on one site, can’t have banners turned on and off on the same site for example, but you can see a few of the new features.

It’s running the new white colour scheme with the new header image active (work in progress, need to create some decent header images) that’s behind the head area.

The blogs tagline can either be shown in the header or the footer area (set for footer on the Stallion site) and the head search box can now be turned off (built a better search widget for a sidebar as a replacement). Not coded yet, but this gives space for having an ad in the header (when coded I’ll turn it on for that site).

All ads can now be turned off/on separately via the options pages (an options page for AdSense and another page for Clickbank ads).

For the autobloggers out there who don’t want to be messing around with adding AdSense and Clickbank ids on multiple option pages they are all still located on a single page with the optional settings on the other options pages.

Also for the autobloggers there’s a new feature that adds SEO optimization to the output of the Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin. Affiliate links are hidden and thin affiliate footprints are hidden.

Today I got two plugins (installed with Stallion 6, no extra setup) working together to add titles to comments and use those comment titles as the title of the comment pages generated by the SEO Super Comments plugin. This means your visitors can generate unique titles for your comments (you can also edit them) which will be used as the title of the comment pages: there’s no comments on the Stallion site yet, but the ability to add comment titles is active.

Lots more features to document, so better get back to work :-)