Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme by Nigel.

WordPress SEO Theme Thank you David for, as always, a comprehensive response to my query.

With the recent announcement from Google that they are creating separate indexes for mobile searches ( and the %age of searches on mobile overtaking desktop searches it makes perfect sense to optimise for that, so I’ll sacrifice full width for full SEO optimisation.

The reason I’m going to try and use Stallion for this project is Adsense and SEO, so I’m certainly not going to jeopardise that.

I’m sure I’ll find a way to present the pages as I want them within the 1000 limit.

Also look forward to future developments when you get time to separate out and put them into Stallion SEO WordPress plugin, which I use on all my other sites.

One final thing. I use Project Supremacy (PS) SEO plugin on my sites (it’s along the lines of Yoast and AIO but incorporates Schema and page content optimisation within their Projects module.

Because of the flexibility within PS I’m able to turn off most of the SEO functions and allow Stallion to “do it’s thing” whilst still allowing me to use other key features.

Fingers crossed for this when I get there.

Thanks again.